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Dogged determination

A typical day in (air) travel

A confession: I adore traveling. The fascination must have started very early on; in fact, I would dare say even before my head poked through the birth canal. I was in the early stages of gestational development when my parents hopped on a plane to celebrate their honeymoon. Perhaps it’s in the genes. Consider my father’s 15 year stint with on ships of a Norwegian company before he tied the know and you could well say that the love is deeply engrained in me.

Whenever I get a reasonable chance, I do so. Traveling is a line item in my budget.  The sights, smells and sounds of foreign places beckon me like the sound of a pied piper. Magical! So, when I came across this piece of computer generated magic, it affords me one more way to indulge the travel fervor. And I learn a thing or two. Case in point: I did not know that London Heathrow, whose Terminal 5 I have traveled through twice and whose fine-working processes I have thoroughly enjoyed, has merely two runways. The third-busiest airport in the world based on passenger volume according to a recent article in the Economist, and it does so with aplomb — at least, judging from the seamless experience I’ve had so far in its terminal 5.

Now, kick back, relax and take a trip through the wonder of technology:

Swords into Ploughshares

A piece that encourages pause, reflection and perspective in light of the recent tumult in the world. Thanks to Wesley Hill for the post (

Swords into plowshares, literally

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