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I’m not an outstanding teacher. Nor is anyone.

Great reflection on the woes teachers face. While the blog post and the article cited therein tackle the bureaucratic demands placed on teachers in general and the resulting fallout , it might be sensible to devote some time to practical solutions. As stated by the blogger, teachers have a mix of good and not-so-good lessons and that is a good place to start thinking on how bureaucratic mandates can change to truly allow good classroom skills– if such a word does not exists, it should. Elizabeth Green in her recent book, “Building A Better Teacher” examines just that aspect. Here is a quote from a recent interview with NPR:

“We don’t treat teaching as something that people need help learning how to do. So we say this great idea, but we just mandate it. We say, ‘Do this tomorrow and figure it out on your own.’ That is really ludicrous once you understand how complicated the science of teaching is.”


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Guardian Link

This article appeared in the Guardian this morning. There’s much in it I agree with.

 School leaders [] have been informed that this country’s teachers are failing, and that they must take charge of a lazy and unprofessional teaching staff, leading to suspicion within our schools. [] I often found that by 9:30am (by which point I had been at school for two hours) I felt I had been reprimanded five or six times in emails to all staff, or in departmental meetings, or staff briefings – all a direct result of current education policies.

This had me nodding along, and at some point in the future I’ll probably have a full spleen vent about the adoption of Cult of The Leader enforcement nonsense by rather too many SLTs. However, this is only a quick piece, and I want to focus on this :

I am an outstanding teacher.

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Swords into Ploughshares

A piece that encourages pause, reflection and perspective in light of the recent tumult in the world. Thanks to Wesley Hill for the post (

Swords into plowshares, literally

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