Richly layered travel through reading

Sometimes it takes a book to allow for travel to a whole new world. This is what happens as you read Assia Djebar’s early novel Children of the New World. Though written decades ago, it may cobtain some nuggets of wisom for today’s world. A review:

A book that does not lend itself to a fast read makes for a difficult subject on which to write. The reader navigates through the eyes of multiple, intertwined, characters whose movement toward the future of a young, nascent nation unfolds as a spectacle; one where the reader is inexorably drawn and propelled to the radiant apotheosis. Clarisse Zimra describes it in her afterword as “visually kinetic [and] almost three-dimensional” (224). While Djebar wrote a work about the Algerian War, as the subtitle suggests, its appeal to a broad audience across time and place is aided by its style and structure.

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