A chap and his tapestry

If a chap can’t compose an epic poem while he is weaving a tapestry, he had better shut up –William Morris

© Radu Razvan Gheorghe | Dreamstime Stock Photos

I spotted in a quaint bookstore in a relatively inconspicuous alley in downtown Boston. Blink at the right moment and you might just miss it. Commonwealth Bookstore carries everything from the newest edition of a classic to a largely unknown treatise tracing the efforts of the British Empire to stave of the start of World War 1. At any rate, the following gem was found taped to a wooden box containing sundry reading material. I  thought it  apropos as an introduction to the eclecticism in which I revel and whose contours I hope will become more apparent on this tenuous venture into the blogosphere

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Omar I. Pom

Your regular irregular. Globetrotter. Teacher. MA candidate. Neat freak. Intellectually curious. Work in progress.

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